Sunday, June 21, 2009

So what is this about anyway?

I don't know to be quite honest. Reader, if you are on this blog hoping to find tips on biking or commuting via bicycle then you are on the wrong site! There are a ton of sites that will help you with that. And if you have found good ones.... let me know!

So your point?
This blog will be a venue for a regular person like you and me to write about commuting to work via these self-propelled two-wheel contraptions called bicycles. Sort of like a diary of my biking experience. It will also centre around Vancouver Lower Mainland area. That's where I live and work. You'll read about a regular person who has driven most of his live to work transitioning to biking to work. Let's get this straight, I'm a noob to this. So don't come looking for answers! There will be lots of falls and spills, thrills, oddity of road stupidity, A-ha moments, self-questionings and most importantly ghettofication of my iron steed!

Car vs. Bike

Oh no not again! Not another car vs bike comparison by an overzealous tree hugging cyclist?!
Ahhh, rest assured this is nothing like that. If it was so, I would suggest lining up bike ace Lance Armstrong vs. Sebastien Loeb rally wunderkid and Michael Schumacher on a track or country side to settle it! It would be an annihilation of biblical proportions for the single-testy Tour de France champ.
Neither is this going to be like the Top Gear episode where James May raced his Fiat across an eastern European town against two urban riders. Nothing of those sorts.
It is my account of commuting experience by a bicycle compared to my drive to work.