Thursday, July 23, 2009

My iron steed!

Back in around 2006, I bought a pair of bikes for me and my wife to go riding around nearby park trails and the neighbourhood. I got a 2007 Norco Mountaineer while my wife got a Trek 820 WSD. Not sure what WSD means. Some sort of women design bike.
Anyhoo, all those riding around pastures of farmland and blazing through park trailheads never materialised. After our inaugural ride around our neighbourhood, we found out that my wife is pregnant. And that really ends our biking phase. So the bicycles set in our garage.
Until now that is. I have decided to blow off the 3 year dust off my Norco and will attempt to bike to work this summer. It does have disk brakes and shocks. My car has 'em too. So they gotta count for something during the commute.
I have decided to "commuterise" my bicycle. Gotta look the business afterall. So off I went to the my local bike store which I have not been to since collecting our pair of two-wheelers.

So far I have added :
  • A Bell. Yes those are important to tell bi-pedal humanoids to "GET OUTTA MY WAY!"
  • A rear rack. This gotta be the badge of honour for all commuter bicycles no doubt.
  • Bottle holder. Err... yeah.
That's it. I am good to go! Now on to plan my route!

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